Collect Deposits Securely with DepositLink (Coming Soon)

Looking for a simple, secure, and efficient way to send and collect payments electronically? This spring, MLS PIN and DepositLink will have you covered. DepositLink utilizes the Automated Clearing House (ACH) network and bank-level security to eliminate check and wire fraud—with NO COST to agents or brokers and only a $12 processing fee to buyers and renters when making a payment. (Brokers must sign up before agents can use DepositLink.) Request or send earnest money deposits, rental payments, agent commissions, refunds, and closing funds using a single platform accessed right from Quick Links on Pinergy’s Home page. Track payments in real time and download reports on demand. (View DepositLink’s FAQ.) DepositLink will speed up the way you move money around so you can focus on selling. For questions on DepositLink, contact them 7 days a week at