Pinergy’s Tools Page Is New and Improved

Pinergy’s Tools page is now responsive and customizable! Each tool has its own tile that can be selected, repositioned, or hidden/shown. From your PC, click the “move” icon in the upper-left corner of a tile to drag-and-drop it to another position. Hover over the tile to reveal more icons. Click the “hide” icon in the upper-right corner to hide the tile (a hidden tile will have a “show” icon to un-hide the tile). Your changes are saved automatically, and they will update the Tools page for your mobile device as well. From any device, select the “more information” icon in the lower-right corner of a tile for a description of the tool, and select the Show All option in the upper-right corner of the page to display all tiles, hidden or not. Pinergy’s new, responsive Tools page is just one more way Pinergy has been improving to serve you better!