Put Your New, Responsive IDX Search to Work

Your IDX Search is a public-access tool with which your clients—and potential clients—can conduct property searches themselves, on your VOW or other website, and can connect with you via email. The new, responsive IDX Search looks and performs great on all devices, including smartphones, so you should consider switching to it if you presently are using the “classic” (non-responsive) IDX Search. To set up and activate your new IDX Search, navigate to Tools > IDX Search Options (Responsive). Customize your coverage area, fonts, colors, and other settings, and then activate your IDX Search (upper-right corner). Use “Copy Link” to copy various URLs if needed for your websites or emails. To use your new IDX Search in your VOW, navigate to Tools > Virtual Office Web (VOW), and select your “search for homes” link in the side menu. If “Classic IDX Search” is selected in Link Options, select “Responsive IDX Search” instead. Make sure “Active” is selected, and save. (View our instructional flyer here.) Your new, responsive IDX Search is a powerful tool that’s easy to use for both you and your clients. So, spend just a few minutes setting it up, and start it working for you today!