Rental Beast's Apply Now Tool Coming Soon

Rental agents will soon have access to a much-requested feature in Pinergy: Rental Beast’s “Apply Now” tool! “Apply Now” starts an application process for your rental client who will receive an email invitation to complete the application. Applicants can reuse applications for other properties, add cosigners to applications, and view application statuses by logging in to their accounts. Landlords get access to the application information and, where available, criminal background checks, credit reports, and eviction history. You’ll see the new button in Pinergy’s Quick Links section of the Home page as well as in Pinergy’s Tools and in listing details where applicable later this month. Rental Beast's "Apply Now" will be free for MLS PIN customers to use, with prospective tenants paying an application fee. Click HERE to learn more about "Apply Now," and look for more updates in your email and on the Pinergy homepage in the coming weeks!