Attention, Rental Agents: Rental Beast "Apply Now" Tool Will Soon Be Part of Pinergy

A popular request is coming soon to Pinergy! In the first quarter of 2021, Rental Beast’s “Apply Now” button will be found in Pinergy’s Quick Links section of the Home page as well as in Pinergy’s “Tools” and in listing details where applicable. “Apply Now” starts an application process for your rental client who will receive an email invitation to complete the electronic application. An applicant can reuse applications for other properties, add cosigners to applications, and view application statuses by logging in to Rental Beast. Landlords get access to the application information and, where available, criminal background checks, credit reports, and eviction history. Rental Beast is free for agents to use, with prospective tenants paying a small application fee. Rental clients now can become home buyers later, and helping renters find apartments and homes is just good business. Rental Beast makes it easier with “Apply Now.”