Brokers: Custom Webinars for Your Whole Office? Let’s Make It Happen!

How’s this for convenience? Our Outreach team can create a custom webinar for your whole office, from 2 to 100 attendees, on just about any topic related to Pinergy or our 3rd-party offerings. Show your team the ability to really wow their buyers with professional CMAs and presentations from Cloud CMA, or use Remine’s map interface to easily spot potential clients in their neighborhood. Not to mention MLS PIN’s own product, Pinergy, which is full of ways to personalize their experience and pinpoint those hidden gems when searching. Whether it’s managing contacts, inputting listings, searching and refining search results, running reports, or using any of the tools available to you as an MLS PIN participant, you can boost your team’s knowledge by contacting us at with your preferred topics, attendee count, and approximate timeframe that works for you.