New “Listing Watch Text Alerts” Feature Added to Pinergy!

Now you can receive automated status update notifications via text for up to 50 watched listings with Pinergy’s Listing Watch Text Alerts! (This video shows how.)

To set up text alerts, select the Listing Watch Text Alerts tab in Pinergy’s Options & Settings, and submit your mobile phone number for authorization (you’ll confirm via text message). (Once your phone number has been authorized, you’ll have the option to disable text alerts between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m.)

To add a listing to your Listing Watch, select the bell at the top of a listing details page. Then select the text bubble to add alert notes if you’d like (these notes will be included in the update texts).

You may view/manage all of your watched listings by selecting “Listing Watch” in Pinergy’s navigation bar.

Act quickly when time is of the essence! Take advantage of Listing Watch Text Alerts to be notified immediately when a listing’s status has changed.