MLS PIN Rules vs. NAR's Clear Cooperation Policy

A reminder that MLS PIN is not an NAR-affiliated MLS due to our ownership structure, and therefore, it is not required for us to administer the new NAR Clear Cooperation Policy 8.0. However, please note that MLS PIN will listen very carefully to its shareholders’ and customers’ feedback and concerns.

We have put together a task force made up of the board of directors' members and staff to understand and respond to what your needs are. It is not to say that MLS PIN will not put the policy into effect at some point, but there is no specific plan to do so now. We are fortunate to be in a position as a non-NAR-chartered MLS to evaluate how the policy pans out elsewhere and to decide what is in the best interest of our customers and their clients before making final decisions.

MLS PIN will communicate any changes in the coming months, and in the meantime, please click HERE for a helpful flyer that outlines our current mandatory listing input deadlines per MLS PIN's rules vs. NAR’s Clear Cooperation Policy. This flyer also will show you at a glance the differences between MLS PIN’s listing statuses in comparison to NAR’s new policy.

If you have any questions about MLS PIN’s current Rules and Regulations, please contact