Cloud CMA's Learning Resources Offer Short, Informative Video Learning

Got a Cloud CMA or Cloud Agent Suite question? Cloud CMA’s “Learning Resources” page has the answers! Sign in to Cloud CMA, click your initials (or profile photo if you’ve uploaded one) in the upper right, and choose “Learning Resources” (or simply click HERE).

You’ve unlocked a page of short, topic-specific videos color-coded to their entire suite of products (Cloud CMA, Cloud Streams, Cloud MLX, and Cloud Attract). Most videos are about a minute long. We recommend “Generating seller leads with Cloud CMA” in particular to learn about the free lead-generating “What’s My Home Worth” landing page you can easily start using today.

For more in-depth training, choose the “Classes” option on that page to register for live webinars: the Cloud Agent Suite webinar is held every Friday.

Remember, Cloud CMA’s reports, flyers, CMAs, and buyer tours are all free for MLS PIN customers.