Updates, tools, and resources for MLS PIN customers

Updated November 12, 2021

Through all of the present challenges, the needs of our customers remain our top priority. This page is dedicated to resources and information we hope you will find useful while we all adjust to the necessities of remote working and social distancing. MLS PIN cares deeply for its customers and knows this is a very challenging time for you and your businesses. We are committed to being here for you and want to address your questions and concerns.

While the current situation is not the norm, we, like you, look forward to brighter days and business as usual for all of our customers. We are here to assist you, and we look forward to putting this all behind us soon. On behalf of all of us at MLS PIN, be safe, and be well.

MLS PIN announcements

As always, we're here to support you, seven days a week

Our staff is working a hybrid schedule, and our office is open four days a week with social-distancing protocol in effect. However, please be assured that services will continue as usual, and we are available for our regular support seven days a week. Our hours are still Monday – Friday: 8 a.m. – 7:30 p.m., Saturday: 9 a.m. – 5 p.m., and Sunday: 9 a.m. – 1 p.m. You can reach Customer Care at 800-695-3000 or support@mlspin.com. Any questions on MLS PIN’s rules and compliance can be sent to qa@mlspin.com. Requests for a virtual office visit or specific questions or suggestions for our training offerings can be sent directly to training@mlspin.com.

Register for Pinergy, Cloud CMA, and Remine webinars

Webinar training classes are a great way to sharpen your skills. You can learn the ins and outs of Pinergy’s Search and Search Results, Contact Management, Listing Statuses, and Market Reports. You also can get valuable information on using the Cloud CMA and Remine tools that come free with your MLS PIN subscription. A complete list and registration are on the Schedule & Registration page of our corporate website. Watch for direct emails from us, too. When you register for a webinar, you will receive a recording of the webinar after its completion so that you can view it as often as you’d like at your convenience.

An Important Update on MLS PIN's Showings Policy

Our Rules and Regulations require that an actively listed property in the MLS PIN database be available for on-site access to or viewing of the property by cooperating brokers and their buyer-clients. You may recall that, in March 2020, MLS PIN temporarily suspended this requirement for the duration of the COVID-19 state of emergency. With the state of emergency lifted by Governor Baker on June 15, 2021, the temporary allowance for on-market listings to be unavailable for in-person showings has ceased. Effective November 15. 2021, if a listed property cannot be made available for in-person showings as required under the Rules and Regulations, the listing will need to be taken off the market in the MLS PIN database. Showings of any newly listed property may still be deferred for the first seven calendar days, subject to the listing broker’s timely filing of a seller-signed Coming Soon and Deferral of Showings Form.

The governor’s lifting of the state of emergency means we’re all one step closer to normal, and in our industry, the return of in-person showings is a positive step in this direction. You may contact our Quality Assurance team at qa@mlspin.com if  you have questions.

On-market listings may remain during the state of emergency

In light of the pandemic and the state of emergency declared by Governor Baker, all MLS PIN customers should strongly consider holding off any in-person open houses and showings for the time being. To accommodate this extraordinary situation, we are temporarily allowing a listing to remain “on-market” in MLS PIN, provided that the property is on the market and available for sale, even if it is not available for on-site showings. With this temporary allowance, there are a few things you should bear in mind:

  • An under-agreement property may be in the Contingent status if the seller is seeking back-up offers.
  • There must still be a current, signed, exclusive listing agreement in place between you and the seller.
  • If you leave the listing on-market in MLS PIN, Days On Market will continue to accrue normally.
  • If your seller has concerns about DOM accrual, the alternative would be to update the listing to Temporarily Withdrawn.
  • The WDN status would freeze the DOM counter in place until you put the listing Back On Market, at which point DOM would pick up where it left off.
  • A listing in any “on-market” or “temporarily-withdrawn” status will still expire on the stated expiration date unless you extend it with the seller’s signed permission.
  • You may still, if you choose, post the URL for a virtual showing to the Special Showing Instructions or Firm Remarks fields of your listing. But virtual showings, though they are temporarily allowed in place of physical showings, are no longer a requirement for the listing to remain on-market in the system.

The temporary allowance above will remain in place during the state of emergency. We will keep you posted with any new updates as they happen.

Virtual showings allowed temporarily in response to the state of emergency

In light of the extraordinary situation that is unfolding around the COVID-19 pandemic and social distancing measures that have been enacted during the state of emergency, a listing may remain “active” in MLS PIN as long as the property is available for either of the following: (1) physical, on-site viewing of the listed property by potential buyers with a cooperating broker; or (2) virtual showing (which could mean live or pre-recorded video of the listed property), during which the listing broker or agent is available to answer any questions that a cooperating broker may have about the property. You may post a URL for a virtual showing or a virtual open house into the “Special Showing Instructions” field of your listing. If the property is not available in either manner described above, then you should temporarily withdraw your listing until it meets one of these criteria. Normally, a listing may be “active” only if the listed property is available for physical, on-site viewing. The virtual-showing allowance described above is a temporary allowance that we are making in light of the current, unprecedented crisis. We will communicate to you once the situation improves enough to resume the usual policy on showings.

When and how to use Pinergy's “Temporarily Withdrawn” status

If your seller has asked you to take their property temporarily off the market but agrees to leave the listing agreement in force, you can use the Temporarily Withdrawn (WDN) status. Just make sure you have the seller’s signed, written permission before you withdraw the listing in MLS. When a listing is in the WDN status, the Days On Market (DOM) counter will freeze in place and will not resume accruing DOM until you place the listing Back On Market (BOM). For a complete list of MLS PIN’s statuses, you can view our What’s Your Status Flyer. We hope this information helps you and your clients as you navigate these unprecedented times.

Need a virtual tour added to your listing? This instructional flyer shows how

Virtual tours can be a great option to help market your listings. You can use one of our preferred virtual tour providers from this Marketing Partners list, or alternately, you can add a virtual tour via YouTube (or any other company not on our list) via the Add a Virtual Tour button in the Listings section of Pinergy. (Clicking that button is also how you can delete previously posted tours.) We’ve created a simple Virtual Tour Flyer outlining the steps involved in posting a virtual tour. We also created a short, two-minute video, Add a Virtual Tour to Your Listing in Pinergy, for you to view.

Video shows how to add a virtual tour to your listing in Pinergy

Check out our short, two-minute video on how to Add a Virtual Tour to Your Listing in Pinergy. You can use one of our preferred virtual tour providers from THIS LIST, or alternately, you can add a virtual tour by use of the Add a Virtual Tour button in the Listings section of Pinergy. This button is also how you can delete previously posted tours. For those of you, who prefer, we’ve created a simple Virtual Tour Flyer outlining the steps involved, too!

NAR shares best practices for virtual tours, open houses, and showings

Are you uncertain about the differences between Virtual Tours, Virtual Open Houses, and Virtual Showings? NAR has created an informative and easy-to-read GUIDE that helps to clear the confusion. Their flyer also lists best practices for showings and tours while social distancing is in effect, and it includes safety precautions to take when a physical inspection of a property is permitted.

Post your virtual open houses and broker tours in Pinergy!

Pinergy’s Open House and Broker Tour options include virtual events (via Zoom, Facebook, etc.) as well as in-person events. When adding a virtual open house or broker tour, you will include the URL for the online event. This information will be available to Pinergy users and to all data access customers, allowing third-party sites like Realtor.com to display a link to your event (though there is no guarantee that any particular site will display an event link). This brief video demonstrates how to post a virtual event to your listing.

Set up video showings with ShowingTime

Virtual showings can be accomplished by using video conferencing products like GoToMeeting, Zoom, and others. ShowingTime has posted a video, How to Use Zoom with ShowingTime, which details how listing agents and showing agents can use Zoom with ShowingTime for live video showings.

RPR Increases your free mailing label allowance

RPR increased your free mailing label allowance from 2,000 to 4,000 per month. Don’t let the current environment stop you from connecting with clients and customers via direct mail.

Making the Most of Your Next Direct Mail Campaign Watch Now [webinar playback] or Read the article.

Resources and helpful information on COVID-19

Get timely COVID-19 and real estate updates from MAR

As we continue to face a considerable time of changing actions by the federal, state, and local governments with their responses to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Massachusetts Association of REALTORS® (MAR) is providing continuous up-to-date information to help you and your clients navigate the changes to the real estate industry. Please visit the MAR Website for regular and relevant updates.

Get national updates from NAR’s Coronavirus resource page

For a national perspective on COVID-19 considerations for the real estate industry, the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR) has frequently updated information and guidance HERE. You’ll find information for employers, property owners, commercial real estate, and REALTOR® associations, as well as information on the latest governmental rules and regulations.

MAR: Governor Baker rescinds smoke and CO inspection deferral order

Please visit the MAR Website to read the latest details about this order.

MAR: The emergency order extending real estate license validity

Please click here to view this order.